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Our free and convenient account management services keep you on track of your lending relationship at all times. Rather than place a phone call or search for past mail correspondence any time you have an inquiry, simply go online for a detailed overview of your Performance Finance account.

View loan history, see if your latest payment has processed, and much more—account management virtually provides you with first-hand access to anything and everything related to your loan. Keep account management at your fingertips at all times by enrolling for this time-saving service today.

  • Free, easy-to-use, secure service for Performance Finance customers
  • Greater control over your loan; enjoy 24/7 access to detailed loan information
  • Save valuable time; avoid unnecessary phone calls or searching for past email correspondence
  • View nearly anything pertaining to your loan from anywhere with internet access, including:
  • Current balance information
  • Interest rate/interest paid
  • Terms of loan and payment amounts
  • Payment due dates and maturity date
  • Transaction history
  • Any outstanding balances
  • See if payment has processed
  • Set up customizable alerts for payment reminders and more
  • Download account details into money management software
  • Update your login profile and credentials



eStatements are just like paper statements but much more convenient. Enjoy 24/7 access to loan statements, only a few clicks away. Save yourself from searching for a past statement and from creating storage hassles in the future.

On top of convenience, eStatements are much more environmentally-friendly than their paper counterparts. And by eliminating a paper trail of your private information, eStatements are more secure than paper statements too.

  • Easily enroll and manage through Account Management platform
  • Receive a monthly email notification when new eStatements are ready
  • Free, secure service for Performance Finance customers
  • Access statements anytime, anywhere with internet access
  • View statements as the need arises; no more waiting on the mail
  • Avoid paper storage hassles and time wasted searching for a particular statement
  • Prevent fraud; eliminate a paper trail of your private information from being intercepted
  • Better for the environment than paper statements
  • Easily print or download to your computer or other storage device

To sign up for eStatements:

  • Login to Account Management, locate the 'eStatement' tab in the top menu bar, and then simply follow the prompts to complete registration.

Note: You must first be enrolled in Account Management to sign up for eStatements.

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